The Best Products for a Good Night’s Sleep

It’s no secret that getting at least 7-8 hours of sleep a night is key for one’s physical health. As discussed in a previous blog of mine, insomnia and lack of sleep in general can even lead to mental health problems. Yet still, more than 1/3rd of all American adults are not averaging a full night’s sleep. For those who have tried everything they can to combat these harmful habits, consider a few alternatives. Below are a few devices that just may benefit your sleeping patterns.

Sound Soothers

On average, a noise above 55 dBA can wake any sleeping person, and the more inconsistent the noise, the more distracting. Sound soothers are statistically proven to promote sleep by drowning out otherwise bothersome noises with a consistent, alleviating tone of your choice. This can be white noise, rainfall, fireside crackling, or even the soft humming of a city street.


Lark is an app with a wristband included that wakes sleepers with a gentle vibration after tracking your movements throughout the night. In the morning, you are given a full report of of your night including the quality of your sleep, how long it took you to fall asleep, and the number of times you woke up. Perhaps even better, Lark comes with a feature that allows you to set and maintain a consistent bedtime with reminders and alarms.

Light Adjusters

There are a variety of gadgets that harness the power of relaxing light to aid in a better night’s sleep. One of which is the Aura Connected Alarm Clock from Withings. This ingenious product records the environment in which you are sleeping, and adjusts its light according to noise, temperature, and light levels, attempting to mimic your body’s circadian rhythms with soothing frequencies. By utilizing sensors underneath your mattress, it can also measure body movement, heart rate, and breathing cycles.

Another great product is the Philips Wake-Up Light, which gently wakes you with a light mimicking the rising sun, along with songs or sounds from your own playlist. Should you have trouble falling asleep, this device also has a dusk setting, helping you fall asleep much like the Aura as mentioned above.

A poor night’s sleep can lead to a wide range of health problems and should be treated seriously. If your inability to sleep is more mild than others, and medications is not required, consider some of the products mentioned above. They just might be the answer to your sleeping problems after all.