Pioneers In Sleep-Disordered Breathing Treatments: Dave Singh

Dr. Dave Singh is the current president of BioModeling Solutions, LLC, who received his education and training in England, and has become a prolific figure in the field of Orthodontics and Dentistry.

In addition to being the Director of Continuing Education for the SMILE Foundation, Dr. Singh is also a senior instructor, consultant, and Fellow for the International Association for Orthodontics, a member of the American Academy of Craniofacial Pain, and a member of the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine.

Under all of these titles, Dr. Singh has conducted extensive research surrounding sleep disorders and how they are treated, specifically snoring and sleep apnea. Through this analysis, he has paved the way for a breakthrough in the field of sleep disorder treatment, and created a device known as the Daytime-Nighttime Appliance system, or DNA Appliance.

With a similar design to that of a retainer, the DNA Appliance provides improvement in snoring, sleep apnea, tooth alignment, and facial appearance in adults through a unique array of concepts, including Epigenetic orthopedics, which were first pioneered by Dr. Singh. This form of treatment requires no surgery, drugs, or injections of any kind, providing a safer, pain-free alternative to the remedy of sleep disorder.

Dr. Singh has developed this improvement by initially looking at standard procedures in curing sleep disorders. Rather than repositioning the mandible as most appliances/operations do, the DNA Appliance allows for the body to gently increase upper jaw size, which in turn increases the volume of the nasal airway. Not only has this invention provided a cure for snoring and sleep apnea, but in one case, it has resolved a patient’s history with migraines.

It has been concluded that with this innovation in the treatment of sleep disorders, the DNA Appliance could possibly be used in cosmetic dental practices as an alternative to invasive procedures, of which put patients at risk for further damage rather than repair or improvement. Dr. Singh has observed results in patients who underwent slight changes in their facial aesthetics, some being more prominent than others. Of these cases, certain people have regarded the change as a “non-surgical facelift.”

Dr. Singh’s invention has given a new sense of hope to not only those who experience troubling sleep disorders, but to people who also wish to see physical changes in the contours of their face. Without harmful surgery, medication, or injections, the DNA Appliance can give permanent results to patients without causing them further pain or discomfort, and pave the way for future medical breakthroughs.


Dr. Dave Singh Talks About the DNA Appliance