How Sleep Can Lead To Better Skin

How Better Sleep Can Lead To Better Skin

Getting your beauty sleep isn’t just an old saying. It is a must have to maintain proper skin health. Many studies have shown that there is a negative correlation between lack of sleep and skin health. The reason for this is that when you are sleep deprived, your body creates more cortisol, the stress hormone. These increased levels of cortisol lead to higher stress and inflammation in the body which decreases the quality of your skin. Quality sleep might be the closest thing you have to a fountain of youth. It is also a noticeable difference that occurs quickly. If you are able to add one to three more hours of sleep, you will see improvements in a little as a day. Take a look at some of the benefits your skin will see with better rest.


Fewer Wrinkles

As you sleep, your skin creates new collagen which prevents sagging. Patricia Wexler, MD, a dermatologist in New York calls this part of the repair process. With more collagen, your skin will be plumper and less likely to wrinkle. According to Wexler, getting 5 hours of sleep leads to double the number of fine lines you would see if you were to get 7 hours of sleep. Less sleep also causes dry skin making the lines more visible.


Glowing Skin

More sleep also prevents your skin from looking dull. Michael Breus, MD, and author of Beauty Sleep says, “When you’re tired, blood doesn’t flow efficiently.” When you are asleep, your body is boosting more blood flow to the skin to allow you to wake up to a healthier glow. Your body is churning out the human growth hormone which is a crucial ingredient for the production of collagen. As Wexler mentioned, the hours of sleep you receive each night is part of the repair process. So without the deeper phases of slumber, it causes the small daily breakdowns to accumulate rather than reverse overnight.


Brighter Eyes

One of the first things you notice when you don’t get enough sleep are puffy eyes. By getting enough sleep at night, you can prevent this side-effect. You will also avoid the possibility of dark circles under the eyes. When you are low on rest, your blood does not flow properly causing it to collect under your eyes and become visible due to the thin skin. Sleep deprivation can also cause pre-existing eye issues to get worse.