R. Kirk Huntsman

r-kirk-huntsmanR. Kirk Huntsman is a creative, dedicated entrepreneur who recognized untapped potential in the dental industry early in his career– and decided to focus all his efforts on bringing that potential into reality.

In 1988, Kirk got in touch with a colleague, who was in the process of acquiring dental franchises in numerous states. His colleague was in the midst of training for AFTCO, the largest national dental practice brokerage company at that time. Intrigued by his work, Kirk purchased the Dallas and Houston franchises for the organization and within a year he was the top licensee/franchisee and producer in the country. He worked on doing the back-end business and office management.

After a few years R. Kirk Huntsman realized that brokering dental practices was akin to putting a bandaid on a wound; although he successfully led dentists to sell their practices, he was not helping them address the root of their problem that made them want to sell: they were either inexperienced or uninterested in business management. In 1995 Kirk decided to collaborate with some other professionals in his field and found his own company, Dental One.

An entrepreneur at heart, Kirk loved the opportunity to build up Dental One from scratch.  Over the years he grew it to a profitable multi-million operation, with over 1,500 employees serving patients at over 150 locations strategically located across 15 states.  Also at the time he sold the company in 2008, Dental One was highly regarded as one of the top ten dental service organizations in the country.  By the time he left Dental One in 2010, and after a merger with Dental Care Partners, top line revenues were close to $250 million, with $21 million in EBITDA.

R. Kirk Huntsman continued to back the business end of Dental One for some time to make sure the merger was smooth, but he next moved into consulting, where he honed his skills as a company leader.  Later, as CEO of ReachOut HealthCare, a mobile dentistry organization acquired by Morgan Stanley’s Private Equity division, Kirk was responsible for deploying hundreds of dentists around the country and ultimately bringing a simple and effective business model to underprivileged children in school districts across the country. Kirk, who was well-versed in supporting individuals’ business dreams within much larger contexts, was able to integrate this unique business within the framework of major social health care programs.

R. Kirk Huntsman now focuses on his newest company Vivos Life, which will integrate cutting-edge technology to address the needs of patients suffering from various breathing and sleep disorders. A skilled professional in operations and management, Kirk continues to make strides as an entrepreneur.